Discord will have the most up-to-date information and where you can go for questions/help if the information here isn't answering your questions

How to Use

Will add more details here as users ask question, please reach out to me via Twitter/Email if you have any other problems/quetions/issues


  • Simply type in(copy/paste in) the full URL of the stream or VOD you wish to capture and press Green start button
    • e.g. Stream - or tsm_imperialhal
    • VOD -
  • If you want a specific game in a VOD you can get that specific URL by finding the point you want to start and pressing the share button under the video, then making sure to select the skip to time or use current time checkbox
  • e.g.

Local Apex Client

  • Just press start and it will wait for games to begin, you apex client game must be in visible for Mapbot to work


  • Mapbot will read the map that is being played from the pregame champ select, if this screen is missed mapbot will attempt to read ingame features until it can determine the correct map being played but may take several seconds once the game starts to work out he current map
  • You can also scroll using the slider to review what time events happened using the scrollbar underneath the main image


  • Only English and Japanese language is currently supported in this release. (may work but untested and some features are based on seeing certain words on screen)
  • Requires Chrome to be installed for stream capture to work
  • If parts of the game screen are hidden or not shown may interfere or break Mapbot functionality.
  • Mapbot has been built around the current layout of twitch/youtube so may not work if twitch makes changes to their website
  • For stream capture game must be played in 16:9 or 16:10 resolution only (no stretch-res/4:3)

Twitch Login

When capturing from a Twitch stream, Mapbot will launch a Chrome window to capture it, To support Twitch Login the user will need to open up a Chrome window and login to twitch, then Mapbot can use the login session token. This will only need to be done once (until the login expires (usually 30 days))

1. Open up a new chrome window

2. Make sure you have a chrome profile (Default one is fine, don't need to be logged it but must have a profile)

3. Go to and Login if you are not already logged in

4. Navigate to chrome://version/

5. The Profile Path value will contain both the values needed for the fields

6. Copy those values into the inputs

7. Copy those values into the inputs and save (both values are on the same line the profile is after the last slash)

8. Done

Known Issues

Some known issues that exist in the current release that the users may/will encounter.

  • Mapbot will sometimes get placement wrong, incorrectly record kills/miss kills, place incorrect lines.
  • Ring zones may not be correct when they first appear on the UI, however the longer the game goes and he more data it has it should eventually correct itself.
  • Game winning kills do not count in total (unlike with an API, nothing appears on the screen when you get the final kills of a game, the game just ends, so nothing for the App to detect).
  • While at/near Loba black market ultimate, Mapbot may have issues (if Loba is on your team) (may not place lines, or think player is in the wrong location).
  • Taking the tunnel teleporter on Olympus map will cause Mapbot to not know the current player location and stop placing lines.

I encourage you to reach out via Twitter/Email and let me know of your experiences or issue to help make improvements on Mapbot going forward.