Mapbot - Latest Download

Download Mapbot for Windows ( - 321MB)

System Requirements:

  • To bring your saved games across after installing a new version, just copy the /Saves/saves.csv from the old version into the Saves folder in the new one.
  • To run against Stream/VOD you must have Chrome Browser installed locally
  • Mapbot uses CPU to process so user must have a new enough CPU that does not currently max out while playing apex


Version 0.8 - Feb 10 2024

  • Improvement - Requires higher confidence before drawing zones
  • Bug fix - Latest version of chrome caused app unable to start chrome to record vod/streams (error said chrome isn't installed when it is)

Version 0.7 - Jan 24 2024

  • Feature - Japanese Language support
  • Feature - Twitch login
  • Feature - support for minimap rotation
  • Feature - Adding updater to keep up to date without needing to manually re-download each release
  • Improvement - rollover between games more consistent, (detecting when one game ends and next begins so start new capture)
  • Improvement - Kill detection time (more consistency so quicker to be more confident on kills)
  • Bug fix - Main fix for issue where getting stuck on "waiting for game to start"
  • Bug fix - If incorrect values are detected e.g. resolution, is able to now re-correct self"

Version 0.6 - Jan 2 2024

  • new feature - 16:10 support
  • new feature - Youtube support
  • new feature - hide/show movement lines
  • bug fix - Chromedriver sometimes doesn't shutdown even after exiting the app, added Shutdown hook on chromedriver to make sure it always closes
  • bug fix - sometimes not detecting game ends on home screen, so new game doesn't start
  • bug fix - first item in history not highlighted when selected
  • bug fix - crashing/not working for worldsedge
  • improvement - more accurate kill detection
  • improvement - detect player even when close to edge of map
  • improvement - checks twitch API to see if stream is actually online and streaming Apex
  • improvement - better naming of exports so that they can't overwrite each-other

Version 0.5 - November 25 2023

  • new feature - App will continue to pull zone information as long as player remains spectator in the game
  • new feature - Added Sort capability for history
  • new feature - Movement line added gradient heat line so can more easily tell start from end
  • new feature - Added startup screen image to help users
  • Bug fix - Greatly reduced occurrences of detecting incorrect make if not detected in lobby
  • Bug fix - Flight path lines fixed was not working for vertical dropship lines and generally inaccurate
  • Bug fix - Fixed issue where kills and placement wouldn't update if in ranked game and map not detected in lobby
  • Bug fix - Round 3/4 zones sometimes being found incorrectly and drawn during first round
  • Bug fix - if recording stream/vod of private match, did not change map if lobby map is changed
  • improvement - Improved accuracy of location points
  • improvement - Improved liklyhood of detecting flight path
  • improvement - Better detection of game end
  • improvement - Reduced likelyhood of bad points in movement path

Version 0.4 - November 16 2023

  • Fixed bug where could not start app due to "Failed to Launch JVM"
  • Fixed but where did not start recording on Stormpoint map
  • Added delete function
  • Added fight path of dropship
  • Added flight trails for initial jump
  • Added checkboxes to hide/show zones and flightTrails

Version 0.3 - November 11 2023

This release has mostly focussed on Stream capture and finding/drawing zones
  • Detecting all round zones and drawn onto map if seen
  • Stream recording now works for both twitch Stream and VOD
  • Stream capture does not have to be in focus, can run in background behind other windows (cannot be minimized)
  • Support for Stormpoint Season 19 map changes
  • Optimized load on CPU should mean less CPU usage
  • Improved accuracy of kills/placement values
  • Improved accuracy of location
  • More feedback in client to let user know what is happening
  • browser capture can be anywhere on screen, can be moved around, and still work.
  • Fixed issue where browser capture would not work if black bars on sides of screen.
  • In initial release the way browser detection was done was very difficult to get working correctly and not easy to use, reworked to that user just needs to input a URl and it just works
  • Client would sometimes negatively impacted FPS of APEX game client, changed thread priority so that Apex game will always have higher execution priority.
  • In-client help moved to to allow accurate up-to-date help without needing new releases
  • Cleaner UI icons/symbols
  • kills/placement shown on exported image
  • fix bug when player moves too quickly unable to record location
  • fix bug does not record player location when close to edge of map

Version 0.2 - July 12th 2023

  • Fixed issues with java library dependencies which prevented v0.1 from working on most computers

Version 0.1 - July 9th 2023

  • Initial Release Features
  • Capture Movement and kills from Apex local game client
  • Capture Movement and kills from twitch stream using browser
  • Display all kill and movements onto a UI
  • List of all recorded games, to view at any time
  • Scrub bar under map to scroll through game time events
  • Export button to output current game to Image