A free tool for tracking player movements, kills, zones and placements live onto a map using computer vision.

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For Apex Legends

Mapbot is currently designed to work while you are playing Apex Legends or while watching an Apex Legends stream.


  • Mapbot is a computer vision based tool, it does not read any API's or network traffic, it simply interprets what the user is seeing, then depending on how confident it is will track movements, kills, and placements etc.
  • Mapbot is a purely informational tool, it does not give the user any information that the user has not already seen.
  • Mapbot does not and will never be used for cheating or giving players an unfair advantage, and operates within the Apex Legends rules:
  • Mapbot functions by monitoring either you playing the game or watching a stream/video of someone playing a game (because this works on a stream is the proof that we don't have any additional information other than what we are seeing).
  • Mapbot is fully portable(no installation required), just download the zip file, extract the contents, and run the .exe
  • As Mapbot is built around a confidence system, kills/placements/lines will ideally appear on the map immediately but may occasionally take some time to appear until confidence increases.
  • All processing currently happens client side and no information stored/tracked/transferred/processed online. (In future this may need change to support for additional features but not without user consent).
  • Processing and performance of Mapbot uses CPU for processing but any CPU from the last 7ish years shouldn't have any issue running Mapbot + Apex(depending on Apex graphic detail setting)


  • Record for Apex Legends local game client
  • Record from twitch stream and VODS
  • All game history stored locally and can be viewed at any time
  • Export results to image to share
  • Time bar allows scrubbing though each game to see the time of each event

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